T4050 Multi LED Troffer

T4050 Multi LED Troffer


We created a range of Troffers that offer a huge diversity within its technology and is class leading contemporary within its design. The T4050 Multi’s reduce inventory and space through multi output light and dual power options while producing beautifully smooth edge lit technology. It’s minimalist, sleek design and its consistency in light output even when dimming means it offers the ultimate lighting solution without compromising on looks.

Seeing is believing

Created to look beautiful and operate perfectly in a dedicated function led zone. With no dark spots on dimming and edge lit ability the high lumen output and low power consumption make it perfect for working zones.

Sleek, streamlined and beautiful


It’s rare to find office and work lighting that is effective at offering consistent illumination at a dimmable range that is both highly effective and visually appealing. We set the challenge to solve this from the ground up.


Our challenge was to create a range of proprietary Troffers that reduced inventory space, used dual powering and offered industry leading consistency in output. The final element was to make them attractive and this was achieved through quality design aesthetic and the use of edge lit technology. The result is a Troffer that is fast proving to be the choice for not only effective work places but environments that appear modern and sophisticated.

Edge lit to perfection

M-Elec’s newly designed LED panels are sleek and modern boasting a dual power mode (40W & 50W) and multi white output options (3000K, 4000K, 6000K) all in the one fitting. This high quality Australian design offers an impressive lumen output with low power consumption and features smooth dimming with no dark spots.

  • Multi white outputs
  • Dual power mode
  • Edge lit technology
  • Seamless dimming

Product specifications


  • Total power consumed (power mode set to 40): 38W*
  • Lumen output 3880lm (W) | 4040lm (NW) | 3450lm (WW)
  • Total power consumed (power mode set to 50): 46W*
  • Lumen output 4370lm (W) | 4600lm (NW) | 3850lm (WW)
  • Colour temperature 6000K (W) | 4000K (NW) | 3000K (WW)
  • CRI <80
  • IP rating IP20
  • Beam angle 120 degrees
  • Dimmable Yes
  • Average life 50,000 hrs**
  • Warranty 3 years / 4 years for PLI (lodge online)
  • Operating temperature -10ºC to +45ºC
  • Size Length 1,195mm | Width 295mm | Height 10mm
  • Box includes 1x LED panel, 1x power supply, 1x user guide
*Total power consumed including driver
**Life span is calculated on expected average life of driver

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