Guzu is the dedicated R&D and marketing arm of M-Elec. We serve 3 key functions in the development of IP and solutions design: Design, IP Invention and Marketing.

Our team is made up of a collection of engineers,computer scientists, brand strategic designers and project managers.

Our focus is on developing concepts into full function engineered products. We do this through:

Concept Creation
– Rapid Prototyping
– IP Registration and Certification
– Brand Development
– Digital plus Social Media Planning

Guzu is the reason that we are seen as leaders in developing first to market product innovation design.

Tim Mobbs


Tim – Team Leader
Tim – Team Leader "I love getting involved in various aspects and areas of the company, not just seeing facts and figures but working with our designers to see idea's turn into real objects and for thousands of people to enjoy that item is what gives me a buzz!" Tim comes from a background of product design, electrical installations, repairs and fabrication. Tim also has founded and led one of Australia's most trusted brands that supplies to the electrical wholesale community.

Tim Mobbs

Jessie – Finance & Admin
Jessie – Finance & Admin Jessie’s extensive expertise in finance has seen her work for a variety of industry leaders in Australia. With her impressive eye for detail and passion to succeed, Jessie has guided M-Elec to huge growth from 2012 to 2015 when she stepped down as GM. Now after having her first child she is back with passion assisting Guzu to experiencing great growth while keeping an eye on the company’s financial data.

Jessie Groom

Beau – Science & Engineering
Beau – Science & Engineering "Guzu is like a central core for creation. My passion is to solve those frustrating and annoying problems that no one else wants to face. When someone says 'It can't be done' I am driven to prove them wrong and provide a solution! "Beau is a super physicist and expert in all things abnormal. He has excellent abilities to provide solutions to various engineering problems and has a variety of backgrounds including product creation, engineering and mentoring.


Russell – Product Design
Russell – Product Design "Guzu is like a breath of fresh air because it allows a designer like myself to be creative and be surrounded with like minded individuals. Why get stuck into a habit of copy this and copy that when you can just make something from a brand new idea." Russell has a degree in industrial design and has a passion for creating the 'game changer items' for companies. He has designed and rolled out large numbers of products including electronic control systems, heat sinks and even illuminated glass holders.


Laetone – IP Law & Compliance
Laetone – IP Law & Compliance Laetone enjoys solving problems and uses his impressive skills in project management to face all challenges head on. Laetone ensures the idea of a product is turned into reality following it from concept to completion and beyond.


Scott – Brand & Innovation
Scott – Brand & Innovation Scott has worked in brand innovation and marketing for nearly 25 years. A trained designer and speaker, he often is found talking about design as a business tool or trying to get customers to push the ideas further. When not designing or talking at people he’s in the workshop making things with his hands. An amateur Luthier and well known guitar repairer his passion to make peoples instruments come back to life echoes his day job fairly well.


Emily – Marketing
Emily – Marketing Emily has been with the M-Elec family for 5 years and has worked from the front desk administrating the company day to day requirements and now to her current position as Marketing assistant. Her natural skills at problem solving and organisation have made her an integral part of the team.