The industry leader in fit off


Trades people often request one thing from us – Improve the time it takes to install items. While this isn’t unique to M-Elec who undertook the challenge to solve it. We also looked to improve the product in general and develop leading ideation around sensor and emergency application upgrades and add ons.


When designing the BB Multi we thought not only about the end user but also who would be installing the product and how we could make their installation time simple and quick. Offering the worlds fastest fit off not only ensures it is an easy install but that labour costs associated with installation are drastically reduced. Multi output technology and dual power options feature in both the BB60 Multi & BB120 Multi making them suitable for a range of applications. To add to this, sensor end caps and emergency end caps are available as upgrades depending on the install requirements giving further diversity to the range.

© Adrian Dreßler
© Adrian Dreßler
© Adrian Dreßler