One Company a Global Vision

Our companies ethos is simple – Illuminated by design. Why? Because at every touch-point in our company be it in innovative product design and engineering to our service and customer care our DNA is truly about seeing and delivering past the expected.

At M-Elec we design, manufacture and support leading technology, electrical lighting and component products. Our extensive R&D and manufacturing expertise sets us apart and produces designs that are always innovative and built to last. With a range of over 700 products for both interior and exterior application and newer innovations introduced annually we are designing and building the future of lighting.

In 2017 we will be expanding our international operations and establishing a European base to support growth and development.


Tim Mobbs - Founder/Director
Tim Mobbs - Founder/Director As the Founder of M-Elec in 2006 Tim has enjoyed a hands-on role in directing the company from its humble beginnings to the forefront of the Australian LED lighting industry and now steering M-Elec towards an international platform. Since M-Elec’s inception Tim has lead the company by striving to achieve the best, to challenge and most importantly to provide unique innovative products that enhance people’s lives. Along the way he was able to also achieve several awards and accolades including: Good Design Award 2015, Fastest Turn Around company 2014 and Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 (FBA).

Tim Mobbs

Jemima Archie – Financial
Jemima Archie – Financial Jem is well established in financial structures, development and sound growth through financial planning. With a diploma in finance and being a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA), Jem brings a strong level of stability to M-Elec's consistent growth and diversified market activities.
Mark Newton - CEO
Mark Newton - CEO With a passion for sales growth by design, Mark brings a wealth of expertise to the M-Elec team. With global connections, he provides ongoing product solutions to his varied customer base and strives to achieve a high customer satisfaction level. With a track record of incredible growth, Mark leads his team by example and consistently presents new marketing and sales strategies all while maintaining a positive environment to work in.
Tony Valli - General Manager
Tony Valli - General Manager Tony has played a vital role within M-Elec’s growth and success. From 2013 to 2015 Tony lead our ever-growing sales team and then became M-Elec’s General Manager in 2015. His MBA in Business Administration and Management along with his vast experience in the industry has lead Tony to be successful in guiding M-Elec through innovative business strategies and lean operations.