Flexibility and options in one box


We found that both electricians and end users needed options  with a minimum of fuss. A range of downlights that could easily be tailored to the end users needs and the installers fit out with a great deal of flexibility and products of this kind where just simply not available to the market.


In 2014 M-Elec released the first of the 1box range of products. This solution was revolutionary to each and every part of the market. For wholesalers it offered the ability to take 6 products and make them one, for the electrician it offered the solution of 6 downlights in one box and to the end user it offered the flexibility of “Changing the mood without changing the room”. 

What M-Elec did to make the 1box range so universal is offer the ability to change the colour of the luminaire from the wall switch. By simply turning the switch off and on within 4 seconds the luminaire changes output colours. M-Elec’s patented control system also allows any synchronisation problems to be easily rectified from the switch should they occur.

Continuing to increase features M-Elec 1box range the feature of dual power was integrated into the commercial 1box products enabling the products to suit more installations with less stock.